Soil Recycling

“Sustainability is the continuous innovation, improvement and use of clean technology to reduce pollution levels and consumption of resources”.

HWM Ltd are a regulated, auditable, fully operational and permitted soil treatment facility. We recover, re-use and recycle contaminated materials with nothing going to landfill, offering services that are environmentally relevant to contaminated, ex-industrial sites (brownfield sites), spill response and all projects with contaminated land.

Our waste service adheres to codes of good environmental practice and innovative technology.

Due to rising landfill costs and legislation, government and industry must become cleaner and more efficient. For many this is not an option but now a requirement. At HWM Ltd we achieve these goals by reprocessing and re-using soil, whatever its origin. We commit to sustainability by treating and re-using surplus and technically inferior soils that in the UK would be land filled (at considerable cost both to the environment and the client).

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