HWM Group supports HSE Dust Campaign

 19 June 2023

HWM Group supports HSE Dust Campaign

Here at HWM Group, we take our environmental and Health & Safety responsibilities very seriously and are delighted to support and spread the word about the HSE campaign on dust control and the ‘Work Right’ principles.

Dust suppression on demolition sites is essential for protecting workers’ health, complying with regulations, preserving the environment, ensuring safety and maintaining positive community relationships. It is an important aspect of responsible and sustainable demolition practices demonstrated in recent awards.

Dust clouds created by demolition activities can reduce visibility, posing risks to workers and the public. Impaired visibility can lead to accidents, falls or collisions. Effective dust suppression measures help maintain clear visibility, improving safety on the demolition site and its vicinity.

By implementing dust suppression methods, the dispersion of dust is minimized not only reducing the environmental impact, but importantly ensuring that people are protected  from the long-term health risks of dust exposure.

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